What Are the Survival Rates for Endometrial Cancer?


How high is the chances of surviving after being diagnosed endometrial cancer?


It really depends on the stages of endometrial cancer.

  1. The 5- year survival rate for women with stage 0 endometrial cancer is 90%.
  2. The 5-year survival rate for women with stage IA endometrial cancer is 88%.
  3. The 5- year survival rate for women with stage IB endometrial cancer is 75%.
  4. The 5-year survival rate for women with stage II endometrial cancer is 69%.


What is a 5-year survival rate?


Statistics on the outlook for a certain type and stage of cancer are often given as 5-year survival rates, but many people live longer- often much longer- than 5years. The 5-year survival rate is the percentage of people who live at least 5years after being diagnosed with cancer. A 5-year survival rate of 50% means that an estimated 50 out of 100 people who have that cancer are still alive 5years after being diagnosed.

But remember, survival rates are estimates – your outlook can vary based on a number of factors specific to you.


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