What Are The Symptoms And Causes Of Blepharitis?


What are the symptoms and causes of blepharitis?


As a common condition, blepharitis causes inflammation of the eyelids. The condition is not easy to manage because it tends to recur.

Before identifying what is the cause of your blepharitis, you must recognize which kind of blepharitis yours belong to. Blepharitis occurs in two forms:

  • Anterior blepharitis: it affects the outside front of the eyelid, where the eyelashes are attached. The two most common causes of anterior blepharitis are bacteria and scalp dandruff.
  • Posterior blepharitis: this one affects the inner eyelid. It is caused by problems with the oil glands in this part of the eyelid. Two skin disorders can cause this form of blepharitis: acne rosacea, which leads to red and inflamed skin, and scalp dandruff.

Symptoms of either form of blepharitis include

  • a foreign body or burning sensation,
  • excessive tearing,
  • itching,
  • sensitivity to light (photophobia),
  • red and swollen eyelids,
  • redness of the eye,
  • blurred vision,
  • frothy tears,
  • dry eye
  • crusting of the eyelashes on awakening.

When having these symptoms, it is necessary for the patient to go for professional advice.

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