What Are the Common Symptoms of Bladder Cancer?

Q: I feel pain when I urinate these days. Does it mean that my bladder or kidneys are not good? Is it bladder cancer or will it develop into one?

A: The most common symptom of bladder cancer is blood in your urine. At the beginning, it is hard to notice the blood, because it is not enough to change the color of the urine. As the percentage of blood in the pee increases, you can see the urine turn orange, pink and even dark red. However, you don’t have blood in the pee every time you urinate. But as long as you have bladder cancer, the blood comes back eventually.

Other common symptoms are as follows:

1.    You have to pee more frequently than you used to.

2.    It hurts when you pee.

3.    You have to pee when your bladder is not full.

4.    You pee very little or you even can’t pee.

People with bladder cancer feel pain with urination, but don’t panic. Other diseases may also cause it. For example, it burns when you pee if you have bladder inflammation. It is difficult to do self-diagnosis on bladder cancer. You should go to hospital to check your physical condition.



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