What Are The Symptoms of Complex PTSD?

What are the symptoms of Complex PTSD?

Individuals with Complex PTSD demonstrate lasting personality disturbances. If diagnosed as Complex PTSD, symptoms are as follows:

  • Hard in regulating emotions: Patients may have persistent dysphoria, explosive or extremely inhibited anger and sexuality, may have a preoccupation with suicide, may conduct self-injury.
  • Variations in consciousness: Patients may forget traumatic events, relive traumatic experiences, and have episodes of dissociation.
  • Changes in self-perception: Patients may have a sense of being completely different from other human beings, a sense of self-blame, stigma, and long-standing sense of helplessness.
  • Alterations in relations with others: Patients may isolate from others, even their intimate partners or family members. Other symptoms also include persistent distrust, anger and hostility, repeated failures of self-protection.
  • Alterations in systems of meaning: Patients may feel despaired, hopeless, or even lose their faith.
  • Somatization

If you or people around you have symptoms above, please ask medical experts for help.

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