What Are the Symptoms of CTE?

What are the symptoms of CTE?

Symptoms of CTE, which occur in four stages, generally appear 8 to 10 years after an athlete experiences repetitive mild traumatic brain injury.

  • First-stage symptoms include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as well as confusion, disorientation, dizziness, and headaches.
  • Second-stage symptoms include memory loss, social instability, impulsive behavior, and poor judgment.
  • Third and fourth stages include progressive dementia, movement disorders, hypomimia, speech impediments, sensory processing disorder, tremors, vertigo, deafness, depression and suicidality.

Additional symptoms include dysarthria, dysphagia, cognitive disorder such as amnesia, and ocular abnormalities, such as ptosis.

The condition manifests as dementia, or declining mental ability, problems with memory, dizzy spells or lack of balance to the point of not being able to walk under one’s own power for a short time and/or Parkinsonism, or tremors and lack of coordination. It can also cause speech problems and an unsteady gait.

Patients with CTE may be prone to inappropriate or explosive behavior and may display pathological jealousy or paranoia.

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