What Are the Symptoms of Fallen Bladder?

Prolapsed bladder, more occurs in the women. In general, the bladder works with the help of supportive pelvic floor muscles and tissue. So the bladder can drop as these tissues are stretched or become weak. As a result, you may get the bladder prolapse, also called cystocele. This is annoying but take it easy, this disorder can be cured.

Here are the possible symptoms.

1. Discomfort in the vagina, pelvis, lower abdomen, groin or lower back.
You may feel a pulling or aching sensation when the prolapsed bladder happens. It can be worse during sexual intercourse or menstruation.

2. A feeling like there is something heavy or some pressure in the vagina. This is generally the first symptom.
Some women feel like something is about to fall out of the vagina.

3. Frequent urination or a frequent urge to urinate.
Prolapsed bladder will cause trouble in urinating. You may feel like that the bladder is not completely empty after using the toilet.

4. Urine Leakage.
Stress incontinence  can occur sometimes and you may experience leakage of urine.  And this condition can be worse with heavy lifting, coughing, laughing or sneezing.

5. Bladder Infection.
For women, there is a bulge of moist pink tissue from the vagina. So if the bladder can’t empty completely when you urinate, this exposed tissue may be irritated and cause itching or small sores that can bleed. As a result, the urinary tract infections happen in an often way.

6. Difficulty having a bowel movement.
You feel hard to have a bowel movement.  You may need to push your fingers into your vagina, into your rectum, or against the skin near your vagina to empty your bladder.

7. Pain with sexual intercourse, urine leakage during sex, or an inability to have an orgasm.

8. Lower back pain.
Lower back pain can be a sign of the prolapsed bladder.



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