What Are the Symptoms of Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer?

What are the symptoms of metastatic pancreatic cancer?

By the time pancreatic cancer becomes metastatic, it has already spread to blood veins, lymph nodes and other organs of the body. In addition to jaundice, back pain, weight loss and vomiting, some of the following symptoms may also show up:

Gallbladder or liver enlargement:

As the tumor blocks the bile duct, bile will build up in the gallbladder and make it bigger. Metastatic pancreatic cancer may also spread to the liver and enlarge it.

Elevated blood sugar:

Most patients of metastatic pancreatic cancer develop diabetes, which causes increase in blood sugar level.

Loss of appetite:

As the cancer spreads to other important organs, it impairs the normal functions of the organs, which results in loss of appetite.

Apart from the symptoms mentioned above, other symptoms are also likely to arise, depending on the organs the cancer spreads to.

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