What Are the Symptoms of Sciatic Endometriosis?

What are the symptoms of sciatic endometriosis?

Sciatic endometriosis is a rare type of endometriosis. It happens when the lining implants show upon the sciatic nerve.

In addition to the common symptoms of endometriosis, which includes pain in the lower pelvi or lower back,  sciatic endometriosis will also have the following signs:

  • numbness, cramps, or pain radiating to the leg regions, impairing their mobility levels
  • weakness in the hip muscles
  • disturbance in the manner of walking
  • foot drop

The pain is usually felt just before one begins menstruation.

Finally sciatic endometriosis is so serious a problem that severely impacts the quality of life of the patients. So, as soon as you realize the presence of any of the symptoms of sciatic endometriosis, consult your doctor immediately.


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