What Are the Symptoms of Thyroid Diseases in Women?


What are the symptoms of thyroid disease in women?


Compared with men, women are more like to have thyroid disease. One in every eight women develops thyroid issue during her lifetime. Besides common symptoms that occur both on men and women, there are some signs develop on women only.

Problems with your menstrual period

Thyroid hormones regulate your metabolism, including your menstrual cycle. Either too much or too little hormone makes your periods abnormal or irregular. As a result, the menstrual period can be very light or heavy. You could experience a condition called amenorrhea, in which your periods stop for several months or even longer. Once your body’s immune system causes thyroid disorder, other organs and structures can be involved, including your ovaries, and it leads to early menopause before age 40 or in early 40s.

Difficulty getting pregnant

Ovulation is a part of the menstrual cycle, so it is affected by thyroid disease, too. As ovulation is partly hindered, it is harder for the patient to get pregnant.

Problems during pregnancy

Thyroid issues during pregnancy can do harm to both the mother and the baby. In serious conditions, miscarriage and stillbirth may occur.


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