What Are the Top 10 Glucose Monitors? Their Prices and Features?

A glucose monitor, shows instant and accurate glucose. Here are the top ten popular blood glucose meters in Amazon.

NO.1 OneTouch Ultra 2 ($21.95)
A speck of blood from your finger, forearm, or palm. Results in 5 seconds.

NO.2 Accu-Chek Aviva Connect ($45.99)
Accurate results in just 3 steps. Easy-to-read, backlit display.

NO.3 Walmart ReliON Confirm ($30.00)
Easy to use. No coding required.

NO.4 OneTouch Verio ($98.69)
Accuracy you can trust.

NO.5 Abbott FreeStyle Lite ($26.68)
World’s Smallest Sample Size.

NO.6 Walgreens True2Go ($18.50)
Easy to handle. Require only a 1μL blood sample.

NO.7 Contour Next EZ ($39.99)
Easy Mini Lancing Device.

NO.8 Livongo Health In Touch Meter ($31.00)
Small, slim design USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

NO.9 Nova Max Plus ($19.23)
Very easy to use. Doesn’t require much blood.

NO.10 Sanofi iBGStar ($79.99)
iPod Touch and iPhone compatible.


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