What Are the Treatment Guidelines for AFib?

What Are the Treatment Guidelines for AFib?

There are two questions. The first one is “How will I prevent stroke?”

You should check up on CHA2DS2 – VASc to know your risk of having a stroke. While doing this, your age, sex category, and medical history are taken into account. To prevent stroke, you have to live a healthy lifestyle at first. Aspirin and FDA approved anticoagulants are drugs for AFib patients for stroke-prevention. You can take some of them following your doctor’s advice.

The other question is “Does my heart rhythm or rate need treatment?”

If not at this time – we will monitor the situation. Following up and regular checkups are important for preventing congestive heart failure and stroke.

If yes, there are 2 basic treatment considerations. One is “Yes, we will pursue keeping the heart in normal rhythm.” Then you can make your choice from medications, catheter ablation, cardioversion, and surgery which is usually combined with other treatments. The other is “Yes, we will pursue heart rate control.” Then there is no need to think about ablation or surgery. You only have to take some medicines.


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