What Are the Treatment Options for Secondary Liver Cancer?

What are the treatment options for secondary liver cancer?

Types of treatment include the following options:


  • Surgery is not suitable for everyone and depends on:
  • where your cancer started
  • whether you only have secondary cancer in the liver
  • how many secondary tumours you have in the liver and how big they are
  • whether your primary cancer is under control

Chemotherapy uses cell killing drugs to kill cancer cells. The type of chemotherapy you’ll have depends on your type of primary cancer.

Hepatic artery infusion (HAI)
This treatment gives chemotherapy directly into the artery going into the liver (hepatic artery). It is known as hepatic artery infusion (HAI). A small tube (catheter) is put into the main artery leading to the liver.

Hormone therapy
Some cancers including breast and prostate cancer depend on hormones to survive and grow. So lowering hormone levels in the body can help to control them.

Radiotherapy treatment uses high energy waves similar to x-rays to kill cancer cells.

Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT)
This is a type of internal radiotherapy (brachytherapy).

Targeted cancer drugs
Targeted cancer drugs are treatments that change the way cells work and help the body to control the growth of cancer.

Transarterial chemoembolisation (TACE)
Chemoembolisation involves giving a chemotherapy drug into an artery along with an oily liquid or an absorbable gelatin sponge.

The treatment you have will depend on where your cancer started and how you are feeling. Your specialist will discuss the aims of treatment with you.

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