What Are the Treatments of Lymphoma?


What are the treatments of lymphoma?


The treatments of lymphoma vary based on the stages of your disease. Such treatments include:

  • Active surveillance. At early stages, your lymphoma may grow slowly and cause no harm to your daily life. Therefore, active surveillance may be the primary treatment recommended by your doctor.
  • Chemotherapy. This treatment is used to kill fast-growing cells like cancer cells. Your can take the drugs either through veins or by mouth.
  • Targeted drugs. These drugs are used to treat specific abnormalities in your cancer cells.
  • Immunotherapy. These drugs are used to enhance your immune system to kill cancer cells.
  • Radiation therapy. This treatment kills cancer cells by high-powered beams of energy, including such as X-rays and protons.
  • Bone marrow transplant. It is also known as stem cell transplant. High doses of chemotherapy and radiation are used to suppress your bone marrow. However, your bone marrow will then be rebuilt by implanting healthy bone marrow stem cells from your body or a donor.


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