What Are the Types of Diabetic Neuropathy?

What are the types of diabetic neuropathy?

Diabetic neuropathy is caused by diabetes. There are three main types of it and other additional types:

Peripheral Neuropathy
Peripheral neuropathy, also called sensory neuropathy, can affect the nerves of your feet and hands. So your brain can not receive information from these parts of your body.

Peripheral neuropathy makes your feet or hands numb, tingling, painful or weak.

Autonomic Neuropathy
Autonomic neuropathy can damage many nerves that control the activities of your body, such as the work of your eyes, bladder, intestine, genital or even heart.

The affected organs of your body may not function well and bring you much trouble in daily life.

Proximal Neuropathy
Proximal neuropathy, also called diabetic amyotrophy or radiculoplexus neuropathy, affects the nerves that inform your legs or fingers of actions.

If these nerves are damaged, your muscles are often weak.

Additional Types
Other types of diabetic neuropathy depend on individual experience, for example:

  • Charcot joint leads to the dysfunction of your feet.
  • Focal neuropathy affects your vision, or makes your half face paralyzed.
  • Femoral neuropathy causes your thigh muscles painful.

You may experience more than one types of diabetic neuropathy, and you should call your doctor for early treatment.


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