What Are Thyroid Cysts?


What are thyroid cysts?


Thyroid cysts refer to enlarged fluid-filled regions of the thyroid. They may be small, less than 1 cm, or quite large. They grow slowly but sometimes can arise very suddenly.

Thyroid nodules may degenerate and turn to fluid-filled sacs entirely or become a combination of solid and cystic areas. Sudden bleeding within cysts can enlarge them rapidly. When this occurs, symptoms such as pain neck, hoarse voice, and difficulty in swallowing will appear.

If the thyroid cysts are small, they often remain undiscovered. Usually they are detected in a routine ultrasound scanning or a thyroid biopsy. If the thyroid cysts are entirely fluid filled, they are less likely to develop into thyroid cancer. However, if there are solid components in these cysts, you are facing a much higher risk of thyroid cancer.

Around 15% of people with thyroid cysts can resolve them spontaneously.


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