What Are Tips for Chills Without Fever?

What are tips for chills without fever?

Chills without fever can often be rectified with at-home treatments or with modifications of behaviors, such as changing your workout routine.

If you have diabetes and your chills are caused by hypoglycemia, take a glucose tablet if you have one. Other ways of balancing your sugar levels include drinking orange juice or regular soda, or eating a few pieces of candy.

If your chills are caused by extreme cold, make sure to get yourself dry if you are wet. Layer up and make sure to cover your head, hands, and feet so that you can capture and maintain as much body heat as possible. Soaking in a warm bath may also help alleviate chills caused by extreme cold. Just make sure to put on warm, dry clothes after you’re done bathing.

Talk to your doctor if you have chills that don’t go away or if you regularly experience unexplained chills.

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