What Are Tips for Finding Therapeutic Pillows for Sciatica?

What are tips for finding therapeutic pillows for sciatica?

Therapeutic pillows work in both sitting and lying position. They are usually wedge-shaped to accommodate many different body types to provide lower back support.

Here are two important factors one should consider when looking for right support pillow for sciatica.

  1. The material the fabric is made of
    The material the fabric is made of can affect the body temperature and cause skin irritation.
    Therapeutic pillows in memory foam, hemp, cotton and wool, and even all-natural materials that are hypo-allergenic can of great help.
  2. The shape
    The shape of the therapeutic pillow is another important factor.
    For lumbar support, the wedge shape is ideal because it follows the shape of the lower back to relieve pain and re-align the spine. There are many other shapes for lumbar support such as the cylindrical roll, but they only work for certain types of back lumbar pain.

Consult a physical therapist or spine expert before purchasing a therapeutic pillow to make sure you find what works best.

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