What Are Treatments for Aggressive Bladder Cancer?

Q:  I’m a bladder cancer patient in stage III. In my case, the cancer is aggressive. What treatment can I try to prevent the spread of the cancer and kill cancer cells?

A: There are several types of treatment used for bladder cancer, all of which can be applied in treating aggressive forms of the disease.

Four types of standard treatment for bladder cancer are as follows:


What type of surgery the patient should take depends on his condition. You can choose from transurethral resection (TUR) with fulguration, radical cystectomy, partial cystectomy and urinary diversion

Radiation therapy

There are two types of radiation therapy – external radiation therapy and internal radiation therapy. In both the two types, high energy rays are used to kill cancer cells.


In chemotherapy, doctors use drugs to prevent cancer cells from spreading and even kill them. Medicines can be taken by mouth or through injection into veins. Sometimes chemotherapy is combined with radiotherapy to enhance the effect.


The immune system can defend against the body when it is invaded by viruses and bacteria. It does so when cancer cells begin to develop. Immunotherapy use the patient’s immune system to fight against the cancer. In the therapy, the function of the patient’s immune system is strengthened and it becomes hard for cancer cells to spread and survive.

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