What Are Treatments for Urinary Tract Infection?

What are treatments for urinary tract infection?

There are various urinary tract infection treatment plans available. You are supposed to speak to your doctor to find the most effective plan.

Here are some treatments:

Oral antibiotics.
This is the most common cure for UTI (urinary tract infection). If you have bladder infection, usually you are cured after 1-2 days of taking the pills. You should make sure that you take the medicine under the guidance of your doctor. Women who have UTI more than twice per year may hear suggestions such as taking the medicine after having sex.

Hospital treatment.
You need to go to the hospital if you have kidney infection. Doctors will inject fluids into the vein. If there’s something wrong with the urinary tract structure, you may need surgery. Children with UTI may face severe problems. This is because UTI can affect their kidneys. Therefore, these children will need further examination to see whether the urine is going back into the kidneys.


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