What Attracts Mosquitoes?

What attracts mosquitoes?

Some researches show that mosquitoes get attracted to humans by the scents emitted from the human body. According to these researches, human skin emits around 340 kinds of chemical scents that attract mosquitoes.

In addition to these scents, there are various other factors that are possible to attract mosquitoes, including:

Carbon dioxide
Experts suggest that the carbon dioxide exhaled by humans is one of the most important factors that attract mosquitoes. These insects can sense the presence of carbon dioxide and track the prey.

Chemical scents
The carbon dioxide exhaled by humans carry the chemical scents produced by the body, such as lactic acid and octenol (a type of alcohol). Mosquitoes can sense such scents, along with carbon dioxide, and this helps them in finding their host.

Body heat and moisture
In general, it is said that, body heat attracts mosquitoes. And the breath of humans contain traces of moisture in the form of water vapor, another source of moisture is sweat, along with the attractant scents.

Body movements
Body movements can be sensed by mosquitoes through changes in the light waves around the host. It is also suggested that, dark-colored clothes attract mosquitoes.


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