What Can Be Done to Remove Wart Moles?

What can be done to remove wart moles?

Following ways can remove wart moles:

  • Medication therapy.
  • Cold therapy. It can destroy cells of warts, inflame skin and activate the local immune system.
  • Electrocoagulation. It removes warts with high frequency current. This method is painful, and it must be conducted under local anesthesia. It is not used to remove warts on face because there is a high possibility of scars.
  • CO2 laser. It can treat periungual or subungual warts that are resistant to other methods. It may cause pain, long-time healing and scarring.
  • PDL. It makes the procedure painless and rarely leaves scars. But it’s effective only for flat facial warts removal.
  • Radiofrequency usage. It is effective, but it is likely to cause scarring.
  • Surgical removal. It can get rid of pointed or venereal warts.

You had better ask your doctor for his or her advice if you want to remove wart moles. The effect of a single removal treatment may vary by people because warts and health condition of different people are different. Therefore, your doctor will help you find a safest and most suitable removal treatment for you.

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