What Can Be Found in Online Articles about Breast Cancer?


What can I find in online articles about breast cancer?


As awareness and research of breast cancer develop, the number of articles about breast cancer also increases. In this website, there are different categories of breast cancer, including definitions, stages, treatments, survival rates, awareness and other aspects of breast cancer. The relavant links will be attached at the bottom.

Here introduces some high-quality research articles about breast cancer:

Breast Cancer Metastasis May Be Controlled by RNA Editing of Tumor-Promoting Gene

Breast cancer researchers from Wistar Institute found that a gene can speed up metastasis in the body and is related with the poor survival rate of breast cancer. However, this kind of gene was previously thought only to be in brain tissue. Also, the research team found that the same gene can be edited to suppress the invasion and metastasis of breast cancer cells, which indicates that it is quite important to adopt RNA editing to combat the disease.

Strict Diet Starves Breast Cancer Cells and Boosts Chemotherapy’s Effects in Animal Study 

A study found that breast cancer cells can be starved by low-calorie, fasting-like diets and then become sensitive to chemotherapy. What’s more, chemotherapy tends to  impede immune system’s efforts to kill cancer cells. Strict diest can also help immune system to kill cancer cells and protect normal cells from being affected drugs’ side effects.


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