What Can Be the Therapy for Dysphagia?

What therapy can help treat dysphagia?

There are two types of dysphagia, and if the one you have is oropharyngeal dysphagia, your doctor may recommend you therapy treatments.

Through the therapy, you will learn some swallowing techniques. For example, you will learn how to place food in your mouth the way that is easiest for you to swallow. Besides, you will learn how to place your head and body when you swallow.

In addition, therapy treatments can also teach you how to control your swallowing muscles and it can improve the coordination of your muscles.


Can changes of lifestyle help treat dysphagia?

Changing eating habits can help you swallow in a more comfortable way. You should eat more slowly and chew your foods more. Besides, you should cut your foods into small pieces.

Quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol because they can irritate your food pipe. What’s more, smoking and alcohol can trigger heartburn, as well.

You may find it hard to swallow thin liquids and hard foods. When these foods cause swallowing troubles, replace them with foods of other textures, such as pureed foods.

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