What Can I Do to Stop Frequent Urination?

What can I do to stop frequent urination?

There are many things you can do to stop frequent urination. This short article has summarized several methods you may try.

  • Find out about what causes your frequent urination. Go and have your prostate examined if you’re a man. Have a pelvic exam if you’re a woman.
  • Train your bladder. When you feel the urge to urinate, wait for some time. Record the time gap. The next day, increase the gap by about 5 minutes. Keep doing so until you can wait for half an hour.
  • Practice your pelvic floor muscles. When you’re waiting in a queue, try lifting your entire pelvic floor for 10 seconds. Then relax the muscles slowly. Repeat that many times.
  • Watch out for what you eat. Stopping consuming caffeine, alcohol, spicy food and food made of tomatoes.
  • Drink smartly. Drink water in small amount across a day. Decrease the total amount by 25% the next day.

Of course, you are supposed to find out the right treatment with the help of your doctor. Don’t try these methods before your doctor says yes.

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