What Causes A Blood Blister In the Mouth?

A blood blister is a raised area of skin or a sore inside the mouth filled with blood and other fluid. Many blood blisters in the mouth happen when blood vessels just below the skin rupture.The blood from the blood vessel gets trapped under the skin, causing a blood blister to form.

Many oral blood blisters have no known cause and appear in the mouth spontaneously. Other blood blisters in the mouth have fairly harmless causes, including:

accidental biting or scalding of the lip or cheek
allergic reaction
angina bullosa hemorrhagica
poorly-fitting dentures
braces on the teeth
Angina bullosa hemorrhagica is a disorder that causes oral blood blisters to form spontaneously. It is not a harmful condition unless a large blister blocks the airway.

Some blood blisters are the result of more serious causes. These include: renal failure, oral herpes, oral cancer, alcohol abuse, low platelet count, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies.

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