What Causes Bladder Cancer?


What Are the Causes of Bladder Cancer?


Bladder cancer is one of the common cancers in the US. There are various causes of it.

Exposure to Harmful Chemicals

For some people who has to contact harmful chemicals due to their job, they are more likely to get bladder cancer. Employees in industries, such as rubber industry and beauty parlors, are at a higher risk of the disease. Exposure to arylamines, polycystic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and arsenic increases the chance of the cancer.


Tobacco is not only the cause of lung cancer, but also the cause of bladder cancer. Actually, it is considered as the number one risk factor of the disease. Smokers account for 50% of men with bladder cancer.

Bladder Diseases and Medication

If you already have some bladder disease or are taking certain medications, your possibility of getting bladder cancer is greater. Small diseases may also warn you of it, such as urinary tract infection and bladder stone.

Family History

You can estimate your chance of bladder cancer partly from the physical condition your family members. If you have more than one families with bladder cancer, then your risk is consequently higher.

There are many other causes of the disease. Personal medical history, age, gender, and races may also lead to it.  Speaking of medical history, it’s a little complex. One disease can cause another, and a treatment can bring unexpected side effects and thus lead to another illness. As for race, age, and gender, a white, old man is much more like to have bladder cancer than a black, young woman.


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