What Causes High Blood Pressure? How to Lower High Blood Pressure?

Q: I am 44 years old now. My blood pressure was 130/90 mmHg at the beginning of the year, which is higher than average. I don’t have any bad habits, why did my bp become so high?

A: There are a lot reasons for it. Gene is one of them. High blood pressure is inheritable. Most of the patients have high blood pressure family history. That is to say that if your parents or your grandparents have hypertension, there is high probability that you will have high blood pressure. Secondary, environment is another factor. If you are over-weight or have OSA (Obstructive sleep apnea), you probably have high blood pressure.

People over 40 years old have a higher risk of hypertension. We suggest you lower intake of salt and fat. Smoking and drinking must be prohibited. If you need medical help, you need to follow doctor’s advice to take medication on schedule.


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