What Damage Can Rheumatic Fever Cause to the Heart Valve?


What damage can rheumatic fever cause to the heart valve?


Rheumatic fever is caused by untreated or incompletely treated strep throat. Although it is entirely preventable, it will damage the heart permanently once developed. The disease leads to damaged and scarred heart valves, especially the two left chambers of the heart, known as the mitral valves.

The damage to the heart valves can lead to heart-related problems for life. The induced different diseases include:

  • Valve stenosis. The narrowed heart valve interferes blood flow.
  • Valve regurgitation. Blood flows to the wrong indirection due to the leakage in the valve.
  • Damaged heart valve. The heart muscle is damaged, which damages its ability to pump blood. Over time, it may lead to heart failure.
  • An irregular and chaotic beating of atrial fibrillation, the upper chambers of the heart,


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