What Deserves Special Attention After a Prostate Cancer Surgery?

My dad is going to go home after the prostate cancer surgery. What should I do or pay more attention in the following daily care of him?
Generally, you need to stay more careful of the following questions.

You will be given Tylenol and Motrin or Advil after going back to your home, which is helpful to manage your pain after the surgery.

Bowel disfunction.
Bowel disfunction such as constipation is common. You can take some prescribed stool softeners or laxatives. More water, walking and balanced meals are also helpful.

Swelling may happen in your legs, lower abdomen, and scrotum after surgery as a result of lymph nodes removing, making your body hard to manage fluids and causing swelling.

You will need a urinary catheter after waking up and keep it for a week or two at home. Once the catheter is removed, Kegel exercises are needed.

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