What Diseases Can Mosquito Cause?

What diseases can mosquito cause?

You may have heard about mosquito-borne diseases or mosquito-borne illnesses, which are diseases caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites transmitted by mosquitoes.

These diseases may include:

  • Malaria,
  • Dengue,
  • West Nile virus,
  • Chikungunya,
  • Yellow fever,
  • Filariasis,
  • Tularemia,
  • Dirofilariasis,
  • Japanese encephalitis,
  • Saint Louis encephalitis,
  • Western equine encephalitis,
  • Eastern equine encephalitis,
  • Venezuelan equine encephalitis,
  • Ross River fever,
  • Barmah Forest fever,
  • La Crosse encephalitis,
  • Zika fever.

Mosquitoes carrying such arboviruses stay healthy because their immune systems recognizes the virions as foreign particles and “chop off” the virus’s genetic coding, rendering it inert.

While human infection with a mosquito-borne virus occurs when a female mosquito bites someone while its immune system is still in the process of destroying the virus’s harmful coding.


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