What Do Cancerous Moles Look Like?

What do cancerous moles look like?

Cancerous moles are various by people. Different cancerous moles have different appearances. Following pictures show some kinds of cancerous moles. If you find that your moles look like a following picture, you need to visit your doctor and have your moles checked at once.

No two moles look completely same. Therefore, you had better use the following ABCDE rule to check your moles:

Asymmetry: Cancerous moles do not look the same on both sides.
Border: The border of cancerous moles may be uneven, jagged or blurry.
Color: Cancerous moles usually have more than one color.
Diameter: If a mole is larger than an eraser (about 0.25inch, or 6mm), it is abnormal.
Evolution. Changes of moles in the symmetry, border, color or diameter.

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