What Do Low Thyroid Levels Mean?


My mom’s health test result shows that her thyroid levels are low. What does this mean?


If a person has hypothyroidism, his thyroid gland does not produce adequate hormones that the body needs. Sometimes it is called underactive thyroid.

Women are more like to get hypothyroidism than men, and women older than age 60 are even at greater risk of having the disease. Hypothyroidism breaks the balance of chemical reactions in your body due to the shortage of thyroid hormones. Early stage hypothyroidism does not cause any signs, but at it grows, it can bring many health issues, including joint pain, obesity, infertility and heart disease.

You should see a doctor if you feel tired for no reason or have other symptoms of hypothyroidism, such as a pale face, depression, hoarse voice, constipation and more. Most cases of hypothyroidism can be treated with medications.


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