What Does Bacteria in Urine Mean?

What does bacteria in urine mean?

Urine is one of the waste products produced by our kidneys. The kidneys filter the blood and this process produces urine. Through the blood, the important minerals and nutrients are retained by the kidneys and at the same time, the waste products are formed.

Normally, urine is sterile. But if bacteria are found in your urine test, you may probably be diagnosed with bacteriuria.

Bacteria in urine may cause some symptoms or it may have no symptoms. If an individual has no symptoms after finding bacteria in urine, this type of bacteria infection is not serous. While for pregnant women, diabetic and those who have undergone a kidney transplant, it may be a severe condition.

Symptoms of bacteria in urine include the following:

  • Increased pressure during urination
  • Sensations of pain and burning during urination
  • Persistent urge to urinate
  • Putrid smelling urine
  • Bloody urine

Physical examination is very necessary for everyone, and pay attention to urine test.

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