What Does Breast Cancer Look Like?


What does breast cancer look like?


During breast cancer, the visible symptoms include:

  • Breast lumps or thickening. It is easier to feel than see. Therefore, a monthly self-examination can help a lot.
  • Nipple discharge. Unless you are breast-feeding, it is unusual for nipples to discharge. The discharge can be either clear or bloody.
  • Changes in the size and shape of the breast. During the periods, the breast is likely to swell. However, if your breast swell at irregular intervals, you’d better talk to your doctor.
  • Inverted nipple. It means the nipple doesn’t point out but is inverted. Some women are born to have such nipples. However, if the shape of the nipple changes over time, you should not ignore it.
  • Peeling, scaling, or flaking skin. Such symptoms can also be caused due to other diseases.
  • Skin rash on the breasts. Such symptoms can be the result of inflammatory breast cancer (IBC).
  • Pitting breast skin. In addition to skin rash, pitting or dimpling is another symptom of IBC, due to underlying inflammation.


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