What does Carcinomatosis Mean?

What does carcinomatosis mean?

Carcinomatosis is a type of cancer that starts in cells. Strictly speaking, it should only refer to tumors of epithelial origin, adenocarcinoma.

Not all cancers are carcinomatosis. The common types of carcinomatosis are basal cell carcinoma, ductal carcinoma in situ, squamous cell carcinoma, renal cell carcinoma and so on.


With different areas affected, carcinomatosis tends to present different signs and symptoms.

  • With the lungs affected, patients may have shortness of breath and haemoptysis.
  • With the liver affected, people often have jaundice.
  • If the brain is the affected place, patients are more likely to experience headaches, vomiting, and other neurological features.
  • When the bones are affected, people may feel pain and experience pathological fracture.


Although the disease has very little hope to cure completely, radiation therapy and chemotherapy can help to manage the situation. Besides, radioembolization can also be used in the treatment.

Surgery for bowel obstruction from carcinomatosis may benefit the patients, but it also has high mortality and morbidity.

If you have other concerns or questions about the treatment, please go to the doctor and ask for more professional advice.

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