What does carcinomatosis mean?

What does carcinomatosis mean?
Carcinosis, or carcinomatosis, means cancer dissemination. It is a form of metastasis, it spread generally in specific patterns. It implies more than spread to regional nodes and even more than just metastatic disease. The term usually means that there are multiple secondaries in multiple sites.


It may be the presentation of recurrence or it may be the primary presenting feature. Presentation will depend upon where is affected.In the lungs it may present as shortness of breath,in the liver it often presents as jaundice,in the brain there may be headaches, vomiting and neurological features,in bones there may be pain.


Usually there is no realistic hope of curative therapy. chemotherapy and radiotherapy may have a positive effect. Palliative care doesn’t mean failure. It is a very demanding and very rewarding aspect of medical practice.

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