What Half-an-Half Nails Tell You?

If your nails look like those in below pictures, you’ll need to pay attention because it indicates kidney problem.

The nails in the pictures are named Half-and-Half nails, or Lindsay’s nails. Lindsay’s nails were described in 1967 as red, pink, or brown bands occupying 20 to 60% of the nail bed in patients with chronic kidney disease. Clinically, patients’ fingernails show a pinkish red band occupying 50% of the nail bed distally and a white band proximally. The proximal white band is thought to result from chronic anemia and the brown band from increased melanin deposition distally, possibly from an increased concentration of β-melanocyte–stimulating hormone.

Lindsay’s nails can be found in up to 40 % of patients of chronic kidney disease. By blood test, patients show abnormally high value of creatinine.

There’s no specific treatment on the nails other than the treatment on kidney dysfunction.



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