What Happened After The Diabetes Doctor Was Diagnosed with Diabetes Himself ?

As a doctor, he never showed sympathy for his patients, and took type 2 diabetes only as a result of obesity.

At that time, he thought it was fat and laziness that caused type two diabetes. He was like ” you guys eat so much and never move and exercise. Can’t you care more about your body? “This contempt didn’t disappear until he himself was diagnosed with diabetes.

His world collapsed.

How could it happen? He was in strict accordance with the traditional healthy dietary guidelines with a daily 3 to 4 hours exercise. However, the diagnosis report was on the desk, saying insulin resistance. Then he started to look for a real relationship between obesity and diabetes in a crazy way, and finally he found out the truth.

Obesity is not the cause of diabetes, it is the result. If diabetes is caused by obesity, how to explain those thin patients? As a matter of fact, obesity is a symptom of insulin resistance.

Traditional medical theory often asks diabetes patients to lose weight, just like eating less and exercising more. However, the key point is diet changing, which is the solution to insulin resistance. For example, some people try almost everything to lose weight successfully while diabetes is still there. This is because the insulin resistance still exits.

Another case. You hit your leg by accident. The leg gets bruises and painful. Because of the pain, you try everything you can to treat the bruises, eating painkillers or massaging the painful part. You only focus on the pain and the bruise and forget the real reason of this problem is your carelessness. In a word, the best cure is to be careful next time, instead of getting the pain away.

Let’s get back to the current treatment, focusing on obesity and leaving insulin resistance alone with no demand for a low-carbon diet. Insulin resistance comes from refined grains, starches and carbohydrate foods, resulting in diabetes. This is different from the traditional saying that insulin resistance results from obesity caused by eating more and moving less.

As a result, we should not discriminate against fat people or diabetics, because obesity is not their fault. They do not have medical knowledge, and they do not know the truth, just following the expert’s dietary advice.

Many people may wonder why such a good method doesn’t prevail. The answer is very simple, because the low carbon diet and traditional health philosophy is inconsistent. If you have a low carbon diet, you must increase the intake of fat, because the body needs at least one supply of energy substances, carbon or fat.

Since the traditional idea prefers a low-fat diet, all doctors will recommend you eat with less oil and less salt.
Fat, has long been considered a health killer. In fact, more and more research has found that the health of killing is not fat, but rice sugar and other high carbohydrates.

How about you? Fat or carbon?


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