What Is a Glomus Tumor?

What is a glomus tumor?

The glomus tumor is a rare benign neoplasm and accounts for 1 % to 4.5 % of tumors in the hand. It arises from the neuroarterial structure called a glomus body. The normal glomus body is located in the stratum reticulare throughout the body, but is more concentrated in the digits. The average age at presentation is from 30 to 50 years of age, although can occur at any age. Typical time from onset of symptoms to the correct diagnosis is seven years.

The patients with a glomus tumor may experience the following symptoms:
  • pain, temperature sensitivity, and point tenderness;
  • usually less than 7 mm in diameter, which makes it very difficult to palpate;
  • darkly staining nuclei with fibrous stroma, and few blood cells
  • organoid appearance of polyhedral cells upon biopsy.
A complete excision of the tumor usually leads to cure with low incidence of recurrence. However, this benign condition has an unusually high morbidity to the patient before the correct diagnosis is made. So history and carefully performed physical examination to correctly diagnose the disease is important. If you suspect you are infected with a glomus tumor, please call your doctor for diagnosis.


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