What Is a Heterogeneous Thyroid?


What is a heterogeneous thyroid?


If a person has a heterogeneous thyroid, it means that things are not uniform in his thyroid. The disease refers to a thyroid gland that is not uniform in structure and may indicate a thyroid disorder.

You might have heard the term homogenous, which means the same or similar in context. Heterogeneous, an antonym of homogenous, refers to not alike or inconsistent with the surrounding parts or tissue. If a person is diagnosed with heterogeneous thyroid, he can have a serious thyroid problem.

A heterogeneous thyroid can involve a cancerous or non-cancerous tumor. When signs appear, the patient must see a doctor. To make the diagnosis accurate, the doctor often use MRI to determine whether a heterogeneous thyroid could be seen. People with this condition are usually tired, feel depressed, and gain weight.


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