What Is a Spinal Fusion Recovery?

What is a spinal fusion recovery?

After your spinal fusion, you’ll need to stay in the hospital for a period of recovery and observation. This generally lasts three to four days. Initially, your doctor will want to observe you for reactions to the anesthesia and surgery. Your release date will depend on your overall physical condition, your physician’s practices, and your reaction to the procedure.

While in the hospital, you’ll receive pain medication. You’ll also get instructions about new ways you may need to move, since your flexibility may be limited. You may need to learn new techniques to walk, sit, and stand safely. You also may not be able to resume a normal diet of solid food for a few days.

After you leave the hospital you may need to wear a brace to keep your spine in proper alignment. You might not be able to resume your normal activities until your body has fused the bone into place. Fusing may take up to six weeks or longer. Your doctor may recommend physical rehabilitation to help you strengthen your back and learn ways to move safely.

Full recovery from spinal fusion will take three to six months. Your age, overall health, and physical condition affect how quickly you’ll heal and be able to return to your usual activities.

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