What Is Acne Rosacea Blepharitis? And Its Treatment?


What is acne rosacea blepharitis? And its treatment?


Rosacea blepharitis is associated with ocular rosacea, a condition that causes eyelid swelling and redness due to malfunctioning oil glands. Acne rosacea is a common skin condition that leads to pimple-like bumps and facial redness.

Treatments of rosacea vary due to the symptoms.

Firstly, use lid hygiene and artificial tears

Then, apply topical and oral anti-inflammatory medications

Finally, if it is required, turn to surgical intervention.

However, patients with no symptom and no worsening eye disease should not be placed on oral antibiotics. Actually, tetracyclines represent the most common and most effective treatment regimen for rosacea.

Other treatments include intense pulsed light therapy, ablative lasers, and electrosurgical loop.

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