What Is Advanced Peripheral Artery Disease?

In advanced cases, the arteries are so blocked that even rest does not help. Leg pain that continues when lying down is called ischemic rest pain. Ischemia is the medical term for insufficient blood flow to tissues.

Typical symptoms may include:

Pain or tingling in the foot or toes, which may be so severe that even the weight of clothes or bed sheets cause or worsen the discomfort
Pain worsens when leg is elevated and improves by dangling legs over the side of the bed
People with ischemic rest pain are at risk for ulcers and gangrene. In severe cases, amputation may be required.

Other signs of advanced PAD can include:

Calf muscles that shrink (wither)
Hair loss over the toes and feet
Thick toenails
Shiny, tight skin
Painful non-bleeding ulcers on the feet or toes (usually black) that are slow to heal
Sometimes, blood clots form in the arteries in the legs, producing abrupt symptoms.

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