What Is Bladder Cancer?

Bladder cancer is a type of cancer originated from the patient’s bladder, a hollow, flexible pouch in one’s pelvis, serving as a reservoir for the urine before it leaves the body. When the cells in the bladder grow abnormally, the person has bladder cancer. These abnormal cells may spread to other parts of the patient’s body, such as lymph nodes, liver, lungs, and bones. The causes of it include bladder inflammation, smoking, being exposed to harmful chemicals, family history and etc.

If you find blood in your urine, you should have a medical check-up to make sure whether you have bladder cancer. People with bladder cancer may also feel pain with urination and sometimes they have low back pain.

It is a very prevalent cancer, second only to prostate cancer in western countries. Males are more often affected than females. Fortunately, there are many types of treatment available. If diagnosed and treated early, patients would have a good chance of surviving from it.



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