What Is Borderline Diabetes? What are the Symptoms or Signs?


What is borderline diabetes? What are the symptoms?



Borderline diabetes, also referred to as prediabetes, means your glucose level (or blood sugar level) is higher than the normal range but does not fall within the diabetes range.

The major cause of boderline diabetes is very compleated. Generally, the pancreas releases insulin, a hormone, to save and utilize the sugar and fat contained in the food you eat. That system doesn’t work as well as it should if you have prediabetes. The pancreas may become unable to make enough insulin after your eating, or the cells in your body may not respond to insulin properly.

Despite the fact that most people with borderline diabetes show no symptoms, you may notice the following symptoms or signs:

1)    Feeling thirsty all the time

2)    Peeing a lot more

3)    Blurred vision

4)    Extreme fatigue



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