What Is Breast Cancer Care?


What is Breast Cancer Care? How does it work?


Breast Cancer Care is the only UK-wide charity providing care, support and information to people affected by breast cancer. Its headquarters are located in London. Additional offices are located in Sheffield, Cardiff, and Glasgow respectively.

Breast Cancer Care provides a series of professional information and support to help those affected by the disease but also to their family members and friends. According to the website, they have set up an information Helpline (0808 800 6000), an online peer support Forum, face-to-face talks with specialists and other activities.

In addition, in 2010, Breast Cancer Care also launched its Nursing Network for healthcare professionals. Till now, over 1,000 nurses have now participated to ensure that patients can have best treatments and care through exchanges of experiences and training sessions. It also regularly receives latest information, campaigns and clinical developments to enrich its activities.


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