What is Brittle Diabetes? What are the Causes and Symptoms?


What is brittle diabetes? What are the causes and symptoms?



Brittle diabetes, also referred to as “labile” diabetes, is a subset of diabetes. The words brittle and labile both mean “unstable” or “changeable.” The sugar blood levels of people with brittle diabetes often change sharply within a short time from very high to very low.

Brittle diabetes is always related to type 1 diabetes.


Causes and Symptoms

Any type of diabetes can be changeable if you don’t manage it well so a brittle diabetes diagnosis can be tricky. If your blood sugar levels swing wildly, there could be many reasons for it, including:

Irregular eating habits

Too much stress

Celiac disease


Your body is too sensitive to insulin.

Your intestines can’t absorb enough nutrients.

You don’t take your medication or test your sugar levels regularly.


One or more of the above can cause brittle diabetes so it’s hard to find out what is the exact cause.


Symptoms may include:




Feeling shaky

Feeling anxious or nervous

Sweating, chills



Fast heart rate

Blurred vision





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