What Is C677T?

Q: What is C677T?


A: In order to understand C677T, we need to understand the MTHFR gene in the first place.


The MTHFR gene, is the gene that helps produce the MTHFR enzyme to trigger metabolic process. Therefore, a mutation (variation) in the MTHFR gene could change the whole process and influence other functions of the body.


However, there are many mutations of the MTHFR gene. One of the most studied is C677T.


In other words, C677T is a mutation of the MTHFR gene that affects metabolic process. More specifically, the normal MTHFR gene is C677C, different from C677T. The “T”, instead of the “C”, helps produce less efficient MTHFR enzymes. And, that makes a difference.


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