What Is Dysplasia in Esophagus?

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What Is Dysplasia in Esophagus?

Esophagus dysplasia is a pre-cancerous condition. It indicats abnormal development or growth of the esophagus, and a major risk factor for dysplasia is Barrett’s esophagus.

During the diagnosis of Barrett’s esophagus, your doctor will examine the tissue removed from your esophagus. Then, the doctor can determine the degree of dysplasia in your esophagus cells. Your tissue may be classified as:

  • No dysplasia, if Barrett’s esophagus is present but no precancerous changes are found in the cells.
  • Low-grade dysplasia, if cells show small signs of precancerous changes.
  • High-grade dysplasia, if cells show many changes. It is the final step before cells change into esophageal cancer.


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