What Is Early Bladder Cancer?


What is early stage bladder cancer?


According to the severity, bladder cancers are divided into stages from stage 0 to stage IV. Early bladder cancer is also known as superficial bladder cancer, or non-muscle invasive bladder cancer. Cancer cells are only in the bladder’s inner lining in this type of bladder cancer. They are early in development.

Carcinoma in Situ (CIS/Tis)

Carcinoma in situ refers to very early, high grade cancer cells that are confined to the innermost layer of the bladder lining. It is a high grade non-invasive cancer of the flat transitional cells. These cells can grow in more than one place in the bladder lining. When seeing them through a microscope, they look like areas of moss.

Ta and T1

Ta is the cancer restricted to the innermost layer of the bladder lining. When it starts to grow into the connective tissue beneath the bladder lining, it turns into T1. The appearance of these tumors is like mushrooms growing out of the bladder wall.

Early bladder cancer does not spread to the lymph nodes, nor does they move to distant parts of the body.


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